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Griffon Hovercraft accessing the inaccessible for Canada

Griffon Hovercraft accessing the inaccessible for Canada

The theme for this year’s Canadian Ferry Operators Conference in Ottawa is “Accessibility in the Ferry Sector”. It is the perfect platform for Griffon Hoverwork to demonstrate to the ferry operators how their innovative hovercraft can tackle any terrain from extreme icescapes and floodplains to rapids and shallow waters. With water integral to Canada’s infrastructure, transport solutions which help keep communities connected and support the economy are high priority.


  • Griffons’ hovercraft utilise innovative technology, which increases performance of the vessels.
  • They are built from marine grade aluminium, which makes them lighter, stronger and more robust than composite plastics.
  • Their diesel propulsion systems offer superior speed and efficiency, availability, safety, reliability and longevity and are more cost effective for operators.


The seasonal variations in the operating environment in Canada make hovercraft an ideal choice for transportation. The Griffon hovercraft can operate from any unprepared slipway, including ice, meaning they are flexible and responsive and drastically reduce travel time for journeys.


Not only do hovercraft provide a high speed, reliable option for passengers, operating on a cushion of air they are also kinder to the environment compared to conventional boats.


Capable of carrying 5-200 passengers and a payload in excess of 25 tonnes, the vessels could open up previously unreachable areas of Canada which get cut off by swathes of ice during the winter months.


Adrian Went, Managing Director at Griffon Hoverwork, said: “Griffon Hoverwork already provides bespoke hovercraft to the Canadian Coastguard, who not only operate in the most challenging environments but also in sub-zero temperatures. I want to impress upon the ferry operators that our hovercraft can keep Canada connected all year round, and it can be done cost effectively. We would be extremely proud to have our hovercraft operating in Canada, serving the local communities”.


Griffon Hoverwork is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of hovercraft providing the ultimate transportation across challenging environments.

Added on 30/09/2016

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