About us

Established over 200 years ago, Bland Group is a company built on the foundation of solid and strong family ties in Gibraltar. View our timeline here.

Within our diverse portfolio we have over 15 different companies with customers spanning across the world.

Whilst each company has its own history and personality, they are all driven by the same corporate goals: to innovate, pursue excellence, and deliver superior customer service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the delivery of all our products and services.

Our focus on creating innovative products and services has been developed within a sound and robust corporate governance framework ensuring that our exposure to risk is always measured and mitigated. Our investment platform provides long term security, through ring fencing, diversification by geographical location as well as sector and self- reliance.

Initially established by Marcus Bland as a small shipping agency in 1810, MH Bland Limited subsequently expanded acquiring additional vessels to transport not only goods, but also passengers across the Straits. These multi-purpose vessels further developed shipping links between Gibraltar and the Moroccan coast, offering passenger, cargo and Gibraltar Post Office services, along with towing and salvage.

Following the death in 1891 of John Bland with no heir, the company was acquired by Joseph and Emmanuel Gaggero who chose to continue trading under the Bland name.

The company has subsequently been led by five generations of the Gaggero family. It now operates in an international marketplace, with an extensive range of companies spanning across the travel, tourism, security, aviation and technology industries in the UK, Gibraltar, Spain, Morocco and the USA.

Built on the foundation of core and traditional family values, longstanding relationships with our staff, customers, partners, suppliers and the communities in which we operate, stretch back many decades, and are based on trust and reputation.

Today, more than two centuries after it was established, the Group remains true to those values that drive us, our business ventures and our employees today. Upholding and protecting our reputation is a key component to any business decision we make, and a value that is upheld by all our employees.

The leadership of the Group is driven by knowledgeable, passionate and committed individuals who instil a strong sense of belonging from the top down ensuring the family business legacy and values transcends throughout the organisation. These values are increasingly rare attributes within the business world and engender a level of extraordinary loyalty and commitment.

The achievements of talented individuals we have within the Group, who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, enables the Group to make a major contribution to our local communities in Gibraltar, Spain, UK and Morocco. We place an emphasis and focus on philanthropic initiatives that positively impact our society, especially through healthcare and education.

The Bland Group is well placed to evolve further and prosper. What sets us apart is our ability to navigate through uncertainty and the ongoing commitment of the Gaggero family, and the company’s adherence to core principles and values. With access to self-sufficient liquidity, we are able to think and act without the need to compromise.

Surviving moments of great stress teaches us all that brighter days always lie ahead. The Group's resilience and growth over the decades has shown that our commitment to deeply held values makes good business sense.