About us

Established in 1810, Bland Group is built on the foundation of solid and strong family ties in Gibraltar.


Today, the portfolio consists numerous companies with a global customer base. Although each company has its own history and personality, they share a common thread: to innovate, to pursue excellence, and to deliver superior customer service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the delivery of all our products and services.


Initially established by Marcus Bland as a small shipping agency in 1810, MH Bland Limited subsequently expanded acquiring additional vessels to transport not only goods, but also passengers across the Straits. These multi-purpose vessels further developed shipping links between Gibraltar and the Moroccan coast, offering passenger, cargo and Gibraltar Post Office services, along with towing and salvage. Following the death in 1891 of John Bland with no heir, the company was acquired by Joseph and Emmanuel Gaggero who chose to continue trading under the Bland name.


The Group has subsequently been led by five generations of the Gaggero family. Built on the foundation of core family values, longstanding relationships with our people, customers, partners, and the communities in which we operate, stretch back many decades. Today, Bland Group spans a wide range of industries with operations in Western Europe, North Africa, and North America.