Abdellah Ghazi

Bar Supervisor
Rock Hotel
Abdellah Ghazi
Abdellah Ghazi, known as Ghazi, left the army on 31st December 1973. After working two years in the 1st Medical Battalion of Casablanca, he took a well-deserved holiday to discover Gibraltar.

He fell in love with this small piece of land, and when he boarded the cable car to visit the top of the rock, he caught his first glance of the Rock Hotel. When he walked down, he stopped in the hotel to ask if they needed staff.

A week later, on 17th January 1974, he permanently moved to Gibraltar, working as a comms waiter. His devotion and high work ethic were quickly rewarded as he was promoted to demi chef-de-rang, after only three months.

Ghazi has seen many famous figures pass by the hotel over the years. Some stand out - such as Sean Connery or members of th royal family - but he ensures that each guest receives the same service as Prince Philip once did. This is constantly rewarded by positive feedback, recurring guests and thank you letters he receives from guests and VIP clients.

Ghazi takes pride in working for his favourite establishment in Gibraltar and welcoming each guest as if there were in his home. He is now our Bar Supervisor and passes on his passion and his knowledge to the younger generation.