Charlene Catania

Head of Cash Management
Charlene Catania
Charlene joined OSG in March 2013 as a receptionist. She initially applied for an ATM officer vacancy but was instead offered the role of receptionist which was more office based and better suited to her needs as a new mother.

As a single parent and with an eight week old baby Charlene moved back to Gibraltar in October 2012 after living in the UK for 13 years. Although she studied law and graduated with an LLB Cons and completed her LPC, circumstances meant that she did not practice her chosen profession. With a newborn to look after she needed to find employment as soon as possible and took up the job opportunity presented to her by OSG.

Within six months she was offered the role of HR in addition to her receptionist duties which she took on with gusto. During this time she also assisted in payroll and learned how to not only work out the rostered hours but how to use Winpay. As fate would have it an opportunity arose, and a position became available in the Payroll department. Charlene dropped the role of receptionist and kept the HR role and in addition took on the role of Payroll Officer.

During this time Charlene covered for Nigel Unsworth, the CIT Manager, whilst he was on leave. Therefore, when Nigel retired in 2015 Charlene was offered the position and promoted to CIT Manager. This coincided with the opening of the newly constructed Cash Management Center which Charlene also took on. To date she is still in this role and taking the departments from strength to strength.

Charlene has now been in OSG for 10 years and she believes that with a little luck, a good support network plus hard work and determination, anyone can succeed and progress their career if they are given the right opportunities. She is eternally grateful to OSG's Managing Director to have provided her with the opportunities to progress within the ranks.