Julie Horrocks

Head of Ground Operations
Julie Horrocks
Joining the company in 2009, Julie’s current role, as Head of Ground Operations, involves the day-to-day operation of up to 70 Hovertravel services across two terminals, from 0600 to 2200. Julie oversees the co-ordination of resources required and collaborates with the pilots and engineering teams to maintain a consistent level of safety and reliability as well as delivering Hovertravel’s award-winning customer service.

Julie provides strong leadership based on her profound knowledge of the business and is a key member of the Hovertravel’s senior management team, providing a crucial operational perspective for strategic planning, due diligence and the commercial performance of the business.

Julie’s background at Hovertravel has provided her with excellent experience into all the different areas across the business including, sales, HR, and customer service. Her cross colloboration with other teams including the IT team for a Booking Systems project, has further enhanced Julie’s understanding of how customers book their travel and interact with the company. Julie appreciates that commercial success can only be achieved through the provision of a smooth operation which delivers real value to customers.