Kevin Lewis

Head of Engineering
KL Photo

Kevin is a true veteran of the hovercraft industry, having dedicated his working life to the building and maintenance of hovercraft around the world. He joined Hovertravel in 1984 via an early Government backed apprentice scheme and added welding qualifications to his sheet metal fabrication training.

Over the subsequent decades Kevin has worked on ten different models of hovercraft, in locations as exotic as Sierra Leone, The Aleutian Islands and Abu Dhabi, plus operations closer to home such as Barry Island in Wales.  In his career to date Kevin has visited almost a dozen different counties to build and work on hovercraft.

Today, Kevin heads up a team of 11 highly qualified engineers who keep Hovertravel’s fleet of two Griffon 12000TDs operational 362 days a year, crossing the Solent as many as 70 times each day.