Lecia Taylor

Managing Director
Lecia Taylor
Lecia is the Managing Director at Skybreak. With over 25 years experience in the travel industry, Lecia joined the Company in 1995 as a Sales and Operations Manager. During her time, Lecia has played a pivotal role in the continual development and growth of Skybreak, from a relatively unknown charter ticketing service to one of the most recognisable customer services facilities, with a client base that now exceeds 80% of airline carriers operating from Gatwick. Recognised for her important contribution and strategic development of the Skybreak brand within the trade industry, Lecia was appointed as a Director on the Board of Bland Group in 2010.

Highly motivated and with a passion to integrate her extensive knowledge and experience, Lecia enjoys working with clients and passengers within a fast paced environment. Taking the lead for innovation at Skybreak, Lecia works closely with her team and alongside Managing Director, Neil Chapman, to develop exciting new travel initiatives designed to evolve products and services to meet stakeholders needs.

Outside her management role, Lecia enjoys running and is kept busy with the demands of family life.