Loretta Lale

Head of Commercial
Loretta Lale - Head of Commercial at Hovertravel
With a degree in Marketing & Advertising Management and over two decades of global blue-chip strategic marketing experience, Loretta is an expert marketeer who is passionate about working at the world’s only commercial passenger hovercraft service.
Her track record with household names and in the business-to-business environment across EMEA, USA and Asia, involved building brands, demanding sales targets, targeting new audiences and ensuring outstanding customer service.
As Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, Loretta is responsible for strategic marketing and business development which requires evolving the digital offering, new media, advertising, customer experience, event management, PR, brand management - all with the objective of maximising return on investment.
As many different customers use Hovertravel for many different reasons from holidaymaking to visiting friends and family and from business trips to travelling to work, Loretta has to manage communications with an extremely broad set of audiences. By deploying new digital technologies Loretta has enhanced both the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing activity, and translated the company’s values into all customer touchpoints, whether by screen or in person.
As well as promoting a hovercraft flight as a must-have bucket list experience for visitors from around the world, and as a showpiece for corporate, private charters and charity events, she keeps Hovertravel as the first choice for regular travellers to and from the Isle of Wight.