Neil Chapman

Managing Director
Neil Chapman

Neil Chapman runs Hovertravel with his team of 80 staff, flying passengers on the world’s only commercial hovercraft service which is also the fastest crossing to and from the Isle of Wight. His career started at a high street travel agent before he progressed to setting up and running an Operations & Customer Service centre at Gatwick Airport looking after the service delivery & operational needs of both airlines and customers alike. After over 20 years inaviation, he moved into the marine industry to head up the team at Hovertravel 13 years ago.     


Neil is passionate about safety, compliance, service & product development and thoroughly enjoys working in partnership with customers, staff and all stakeholders. Constantly sharing best practices with others in the industry ensures continuous improvements are delivered for the customers and the sustainability of the business.

Outside work, he adopts a ‘make the most of life’ approach. His passion for travel often sees him experiencing many different forms of transport to visit new countries and sample life to the full whenever he can.