At Bland Group we understand that businesses play a key role in addressing environmental challenges and ensuring long-term sustainability. We have adopted a comprehensive approach to sustainability that encompasses reducing our own environmental footprint as well as driving positive change across our entire value chain. Through innovative practices, partnerships, and a genuine passion for making a difference, we strive to make sustainability an integral part of our corporate ethos. Below is an overview of the activity we have taken and initiative that are in the pipeline. Bland Group's most recent carbon assessment report can be found here 


Our Sustainability Mission

To reduce our environmental impact and continually improve environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.



  • Measure and take action to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Offset any residual emissions through reputable green initiatives
  • Incorporate environmental factors into all business decisions
  • Manage waste generated incorporating reduction, re-use and recycling.
  • Ensure our people are aware of their environment impact
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance

Green Initiatives

We are dedicated to implementing a wide range of green initiatives as part of our commitment to sustainability and these are some of the exciting developments we have made so far:


  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting: We believe that measuring our scope 1, 2, 3 carbon emissions is a first step towards driving meaningful change. By tracking and analysing our carbon footprint, we can set reduction targets, make informed decisions, and implement strategic initiatives to minimize our impact. We began this process in 2020 with the support of an independently verified third party, and have now developed a skillset in-house to conduct this process. In our first year we offset our entire carbon footprint through the ‘Carbon Neutral’ scheme. We continue to identify suitable projects to off-set our carbon emissions year on year and are committed to transparency.
  • ISO 14001: We recently achieved formal certification for our Environmental Management Systems at both Hovertravel and Griffon Hoverwork. This international recognition highlights our commitment to reducing the organisations environmental impact, improving sustainability practices, meeting regulatory requirements, and continuously enhancing our environmental performance.
  • Energy Saving: To minimise our energy consumption, we have undertaken various energy-saving projects. This includes the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting across our Gibraltar operations and the implementation of timers and motion sensors to optimize energy usage. Additionally, we have made a significant shift towards sustainability by replacing many of our internal combustion engine vehicles with electric alternatives, most notably at OSG where our entire fleet is now fully-electric.
  • Digitalisation: Recognizing the importance of reducing paper waste, we have digitalized most of our paper-based processes, using systems such as Odoo, People HR, Deputy & our own internally developed intranet/document storage systems. By embracing technology, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable working environment.
  • Waste management: We have implemented waste management plans across our businesses to reduce waste to landfill and promote recycling. By effectively managing our waste, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to a circular economy.
  • Giving back: We are proud to have a dedicated green team that actively promotes environmental awareness. Recently, our team and partners participated in several beach clean events, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

New projects

Our dedication to reducing our environmental impact and promoting a sustainable future is ongoing, and we recognize that there is still much work to be done. Here are just some of the future projects we have already started working on.


  • Extending ISO 14001: Building upon our existing ISO 9001 certification, we are working towards rolling out ISO 14001 across more of our businesses. This extension will further enhance our environmental management systems and ensure consistent sustainability practices throughout the organization.
  • Hovercraft Decarbonization: We have embarked on a long-term journey to replace the hovercraft at Hovertravel with low-carbon technology. Griffon Hoverwork in partnership with Hovertravel are actively pursuing funding from the Project ZEVI (Zero Emission Vehicle and Infrastructure) to develop an electric powered hovercraft. Additionally, we are collaborating on Project ZEHPHyr (Zero Emission Hovercraft Powered by Hydrogen), which explores the feasibility of hydrogen-powered hovercraft engines.
  • B Corp: We have already begun the journey of certifying as a B Corp organisation at Hovertravel. We hope to take learnings from this process and meet our ambition to certify wider Bland Group businesses to this standard. By becoming B Corp certified, we will be able to demonstrate our commitment to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance.
  • Industry-Based Initiatives: We are actively seeking industry-based schemes, such as Green Marine Europe, to support our sustainability practices across the businesses. These initiatives will help us align our operations with industry best practices and drive positive change within our sector.
  • Environmental Officers: To strengthen our sustainability efforts, we have appointed dedicated Environmental Officers who will drive our sustainability initiatives. Their leadership and passion will help us make considerable progress in achieving our environmental goals.
  • Fleet Electrification: As part of our commitment to sustainable transportation, we actively continue to replace our existing fleets with electric vehicles whenever possible. By transitioning to electric vehicles, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions and promote cleaner mobility solutions.
  • Energy Efficiency: We are implementing energy management solutions across our facilities, including the installation of smart meters and solar panels. These initiatives, such as the Rock Hotel solar project and energy monitoring systems, will help us optimize energy usage and reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, we are exploring renewable energy procurement options, to further enhance our sustainable practices.
  • Sustainable Staff Commuting: We are exploring various ways to encourage sustainable travel among our staff members. By promoting alternative transportation options and providing incentives for eco-friendly commuting, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions associated with daily commutes.


At Bland Group we are dedicated to making a difference and shaping a sustainable future. These new sustainability projects represent our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and demonstrate our determination to create a positive impact.