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Hovertravel November, 03 2022

Hovertravel adds 0745 Saturday start permanently

Hovertravel has announced that following a successful trialof 07:45 departures from Ryde on Saturdays since September, this earlier flighthas been added permanently to its timetable.

Loretta Lale, head of commercial atHovertravel, adds: “Having reviewed the demand for this flight, we aredelighted to announce that this departure is now part of our normal timetable. Aswell as customers from the groups we expected such as weekend commuters andschool children with Saturday activities, we have also seen customers lookingto start their day trip on either side of the Solent earlier.

Hovertravel continues to investigateopportunities to enhance its service, including trialling additional flightsoutside the current timetable. When the demand is proven, such has been withour popular Portsmouth Football Club late night flights and these earlySaturday mornings, we will not hesitate to provide the additional flights.”

All our flights can be viewed on ourinteractive timetable and booked online at

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