Ali Kasmi

General Manager
Travel Link
Mr Ali
Ali Kasmi joined Travel Link team in 2012 as a General Manager. Prior to this appointment Ali spent more than 25 years working for the Moroccan National Tourist Board (MNTB) in France then in Belgium and in the UK. Initially he started his career as the Deputy Director before progressing to a Director role. During his time working for MNTB, Ali was responsible for the direction and implementation of a strategy to enhance Morocco as a holiday destination in choice for European and international holidaymakers. He managed the UK MNTB from 1997 to 2011. In 1999 and 2000 Ali formed part of the team awarded Best Tourist Board in the UK by Globe Travel Awards & Travel Weekly. In 2009, Ali Kasmi accepted the award for Tourism Destination of the Year from Stephen Ayes, President of Corporate Council on Africa.