Bethan Perera

Communications and Operations
Bland Group (Gibraltar)
Bethan Perera
Bethan is the Communications and Operations Executive for Bland Group. Bethan is based at Head Office in Gibraltar and is responsible for overseeing internal and external stakeholder relations and communications, implementation of HR and GDPR and plays a key support role for executive staff. 

With a first-class honour’s degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, Bethan started her career as a Regulator on the graduate scheme at the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar. Quickly progressing to Senior Management, Bethan worked alongside the Chief Executive advising of developments, international initiatives and emerging standards that would impact upon the regulatory landscape. Bethan also worked with senior level individuals from the Gibraltar Government, UK and Europe. During this time Bethan also played a vital role as Secretary to the Board and was appointed to lead with the COO on the implementation of the approach to Audit Supervision in 2010.

A dedicated athlete, Bethan competes regularly in road races and has represented Gibraltar at the IAAAF Half Marathon World Championships. Bethan has also competed in the Seville Triathlon Circuit and has her sights set on 1st place after coming 2nd in two consecutive years.