Othman Nait

Deputy General Manager
Travel Link
Othman Nait - Deputy General Manager at Travel Link
Born in Marrakech and immersed in the Tourism Industry since birth, Othman has naturally chosen to follow his father, Ahmed Nait’s path. Othman graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Akhawayn University, where he specialised in e-Marketing and Social Media in London. 

In 2013 Othman returned to Morocco to start his marketing and digital agency. Using his knowledge and experience, he joined Travel Link as a project manager in 2014 and implemented key software to modernise the Travel Link management system.With his dedication and committment, he climbed the ladder and won the trust of all. In 2016 he was appointed to senior management as the Deputy General Manager.  

Othman also has a keen interest in social and community works. An active member of Rotaract Association and Vice President of Rotary club Marrakech,  he joined the charity of  Assafou association’s who have successfully developed 11 children preschool centers in the high Atlas Mountains providing jobs for women and education for children.