Our Historical Pride

One of the oldest companies in Gibraltar, the history of Bland Group is rich and inspiring. Our timeline provides a unique opportunity to explore our past. We take in pride in sharing this with you, it is part of who we are and how we got here. The way we have evolved over decades is a testament to our strength. 

Always at the forefront of innovation, our resilience and determination to look for opportunities, both locally and internationally has created unprecedented growth and change during challenging historical and political times. Dating back to 1810, the company was originally established when Marcus Henry Bland founded a shipping agency in Gibraltar. In 1891, the Bland family, with no male heirs, sold the company to Joseph and Emmanuel Gaggero. The brothers had worked closely with the Bland family for some 30 years. Joseph became Managing Director, followed by his son George (later Sir George) and then his grandson, Joseph III. 

To this day, the family business continues to flourish under the Gaggero direction. Great-grandson, James Gaggero, is the Chairman. His experience and expertise means he plays an active role in the operations of the Group and ensures the companies develop their strategies based on traditional values with entrepreneurial flair.

Always forward thinking and innovative, the Gaggero family has created and developed highly profitable and prominent business opportunities in Gibraltar from the outset. Whilst adapting our business model and exploring possibilities to compete internationally, we remain true to our core values and flourish with these always at the helm of what we do.