In the community

These pages inform you how Bland Group and its employees strive to bring positive and measurable change to both the communities in which we operate and to our business.

The Gaggero Foundation, an independent private charitable body established by James Gaggero in 2008, enables the Bland Group to offer a community grants and sponsorship programme.

Examples include financial and in-kind donations, matched funding, employee volunteer days, enduring non-profit partnerships, and more. 

The benefits of corporate community involvement are two-fold. It facilitates positive returns to local charitable organisations and neighbourhoods, and it boosts our corporate performance indicators, such as employee engagement and company reputation. 

As we build partnerships and working relationships with local community non-profits and service-based organisations, neighbourhoods are strengthened.

Promoting corporate citizenship to strengthen community partnerships not only fosters a workplace culture, it also deepens employee commitment, building enduring relationships, a quality that benefits both the group and our communities alike.

It may provide us with opportunities to showcase our products, employee competencies, or to promote our values

It also offers opportunities to promote networking and skill-building among our employees whilst ‘giving back’ to our communities.