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Griffon Hoverwork May, 07 2019

Auckland Airport hovercraft rescues man from drowning

On Tuesday 30th April the Fire Rescue Service operating a Griffon Hoverwork 2000TD out of Auckland Airport responded to a call from Auckland District City Police. They had found a man floating alone in the water following reports of an abandoned kayak. 

The man looked in poor condition once found, signalling a thumbs down to the helicopter crew. In an effort to gain control of the situation one of the helicopter crew entered the water too. He provided flotation and a calming presence whilst the hovercraft "H2" travelled over the bay area. Once on scene the man was pulled onto the bow of the craft and taken into the sheltered cabin whilst H2 moved at speed towards the shoreline and awaiting ambulance. 

Thanks to the swift response of the emergency services this event ended in successful rescue. it is a prime example of how hovercraft in the right hands can help save lives.  

A video of the event can be found on the New Zealand Herald's website. 

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