Griffon Hoverwork November, 28 2018

Award winning photos of Griffon Hovercraft at Merlin Quay

The EEF Photography Competition which runs each year focuses on capturing the essence of British manufacturing. This year’s theme ‘Celebrating Everyday Manufacturing’ was designed inspire a new image and improved public perception of UK manufacturing and engineering using photography. The competition, free and open to all, reflected the strength and diversity of today's UK manufacturing sector. 


Andy Newman, an amateur photographer, visited our Merlin Quay facilities in Southampton earlier in the year and captured a series of pictures to show how hovercraft are made. Focussing around the visually striking and highly specialised marine engineering and welding, Andy went on to win two awards on Tuesday the 20th November in London.


"Welding Shower" came first in the "Next Generation" category proving a shining example of the UK's manufacturing future. To capture Griffons strong apprenticeship scheme Andy caught this photo of an overhead weld which forms a key part in qualifying an apprentice for welding hovercraft. The vigorous process is then checked onsite and also sent to Lloyds for testing.


"Welding Support" won in the "Manufacturing Process" category which shows the more intricate welding of a cooling duct from a 995ED hovercraft ready to be installed.  


Having won an incredible two awards Andy's photos are now up against the winners of all other categories. You can vote for either “Welding Shower” (no 4) or “Welding Support” (no 11) as part of the #EEFPhotoComp People’s Choice Award. Visit Twitter and cast your vote by simply commenting on which image you think deserves the award!  It is Number 4 or Number 11?

Main image provided by Andy Newman

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