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Bland Group December, 05 2018

Bland Group celebrates its employees on International Volunteer Day

Contributing to our local community has always been important to Bland Group. We place an emphasis and focus on philanthropic initiatives and have supported programs that aid education, family welfare and community health. But it our employees, that share the same values and commitment to make a difference who deserve recognition on this day.

As International Volunteer Day #IVD2018 is celebrated across the globe and focuses on the values of volunteerism through the appreciation of local volunteers, we want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to our employees who dedicate their time, knowledge and efforts towards giving generously to positively impact upon their community.

We have employees across the Group who volunteer and support causes and charities that are close to their heart.  Nuria Saccone, Head of Destination Management at Blands Travel and Ahmed Nait, Director at Travel Link are just two of our employees who regularly contribute to their local communities.

Nuria travels to Dar el Hana in Tangier, Morocco in support of the Gibraltar Cheshire Home Support Group.  She works with others to raise funds, and equipment, to meet the needs of the residents at the home.  We asked Nuria what drives her to give freely of her time, and support this initiative, Nuria said “It is most gratifying to be part of this passionate and giving group.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to share my time and efforts on such an amazing project.  The changes we have made throughout the years no matter how insignificant, truly demonstrates the positive impact charitable work does to disadvantaged communities.  My love for Morocco and its people gives me the determination to continue, together with my colleagues, supporting this inspiring initiative”.

Ahmed Nait was responsible for establishing the Assafou Association with Abdelkarim Ouachikh. The Association recently launched the start of the new school year at the preschool centre in the Ouarialt village. The centre opened it's doors in 2013 and is located 55 Km south from Marrakesh. It has welcomed 169 students from all the nearby villages. Some of these pupils come all the way from villages that are in the mountain peak and it takes them about 1 hour of walking and climbing to access the centre. Nevertheless, their motivation and determination know no limit and they willingly come each year. This year has seen the highest number of students. Thanks to the individuals such as Ahmed and Saida Abouobayd who dedicate their time and resources and work with like minded people such as Abdelkarim, the association is now able to provide preschool education to these wonderful children, and their hope is that this future generation will be the change makers in their community.

Whilst International Volunteer Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of, and gain understanding for, the contribution individuals make to their communities it gives us at Bland Group an opportunity to a shine a light on our employees whose efforts have a real impact and make a difference. 

You can find out more about the Assafou Association here. 

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