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Hovertravel May, 28 2019

Celebrating Hovertravel's unique experience in half-term

As the world’s only year-round, scheduled commercial passenger hovercraft service, Hovertravel offers an experience unlike any other ferry company and to celebrate this uniqueness, they are providing stickers and certificates to first-time customers this half-term.

Loretta Lale, head of commercial at Hovertravel explains:” We know that, whether you have travelled halfway around the globe or live just ten minutes from our terminal, a hovercraft flight is an exciting experience. We are acknowledging this excitement for our first-time users by providing a fun sticker and an official certificate as a memento.We are delighted that so far we have had excellent feedback from first-time users of all ages – with mums, dads, grandparents and even great grandparents all keen to proudly wear their stickers.”Hovertravel’s round sticker shows an illustration of the hovercraft emblazoned with British union flag and surrounded by the text ‘I flew on 12000TD hovercraft today with Hovertravel’.

The certificate also states that the holder has flown on a 12000 TD hovercraft with Hovertravel and is an excellent reminder of the customer’s first flight. Loretta add: “Customers have told us that our certificates are being framed and displayed for visiting friends and families to see. People choose to fly with us with many reasons and we wanted to celebrate our unique experience with our first-time customers.”

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