Griffon Hoverwork November, 29 2019

Coast Guard Global Summit 2019

Last week saw delegates from 58 countries around the world and 8 international organisations come together in Tokyo for the second Coast Guard Global Summit between the 20th and 21st November. The summit was organised by the Japan Coast Guard in conjunction with the Nippon Foundation who have been working closely with other regional operators.

This event provided an opportunity for Coast Guard Agencies to cooperatively address the evolving climactic, security and geo-political issues facing those who operate and patrol the waters of their respective countries. 

Users of Griffon hovercraft products were also in attendance including the Indian Coast Guard, represented by Director General K Natarajan and the Korean Coast Guard, represented by Mr. Kim, Sung Jong, Superintendent General of Korea Coast Guard. 

The Indian Coast Guard has operated hovercraft since 2001 and currently have a total of 16 x 8000TD craft. This is the largest fleet of Griffon Hoverwork craft anywhere in the world used for both security patrol and rescue operations along India's vast coastline.

The Korean Coast Guard also operate a fleet of 8000TDs as well as the largest hovercraft ever produced by Griffon capable of delivering 21 tonnes of payload; the BHT-150 delivered in 2015.

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