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Hovertravel March, 01 2021

Dedicated school flights announced by Hovertravel

Following the Government’sannouncement regarding the first stage of their roadmap and after discussionswith schools on both sides of the Solent, Hovertravel is announcing extradedicated flights to help ferry children back to school.

Julie Horrocks, Head of GroundOperations at Hovertravel, explains: “We are monitoring our passenger demand ona daily basis and as we follow the Government’s roadmap over the next fewmonths, we will adjust our timetable accordingly.

Supporting the priorityrightly given to getting children back to school, we are adding extra servicesin the morning and the afternoon to ensure we have capacity to match thisincreased demand. These flights will be for school children primarily, withother customers able to board if there is availability. This is a specialadjustment to our timetable to specifically assist and support the first stepof the Government’s roadmap and we will review the additional flights duringthe Easter holidays, updating our customers after that time.“

From Monday 8th Marchuntil Friday 26th March on weekdays only there will be fouradditional flights in the morning: from Ryde – 0730 & 0800 and fromSouthsea 0745 & 0815. There will also be two flights added in theafternoon: from Ryde 1545 & from Southsea 1600.

The two flights departingfrom Ryde in the morning and the one departing from Southsea in the afternoonhave been introduced for children going to and returning from school, andpupils will be given priority. If there is any surplus space available afterthe five minutes before departure deadline has passed,  Hovertravel staffwill load other customers.

These new flights are inplace until the start of the Easter holidays, so will not run after Friday 26thMarch and all customers are reminded that they should be at the terminal andhave scanned their ticket at least five minutes before their chosen departuretime.

Julie continues: “Byproviding dedicated school flights we can give confidence to children, parentsand schools that we are doing all we can to make returning to school byHovertravel as easy as possible.”

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