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Hovertravel December, 20 2021

Go greener with deliveries from Hovertravel and Go Delivery

Hovertravel has teamed upwith Go Delivery to offer a sustainable and more environmentally-friendlydelivery service across the Solent which brings parcels to your door.

Pat Sowerbutts, CommercialDevelopment Executive at Hovertravel, explains: “We are all aware of the boomin online shopping, which in turn has put a sharp focus on what the logisticsindustry calls ‘last-mile’ deliveries – the final part of the journey to yourdoor. On the Isle of Wight we can feel slightly excluded when an online retailerspecifies mainland deliveries only and for many years Hovertravel has offered aservice to fly parcels from Southsea to Ryde.

Now we can complete thejourney to your door, with our new partners Go Delivery, who will collect yourpackage from our Ryde terminal and deliver it directly to you. Best of all,packages will be transported in an electric van, making this the fastest andthe greenest delivery service across the Solent.”

Customers can arrange theirdelivery on the Hovertravel website by completing a simple form, making theirpayment online and then receiving an email confirmation. Perfect for people whocannot leave their home or office and very useful at this time of year for anylast minute Christmas shopping. 

Mark Stafford, CommercialDirector, said “Go Delivery is looking to expand its operations and excited topartner up with Hovertravel‘s Fast Freight service to provide a low cost, sameday parcel delivery, serving the Isle of Wight, with an easy online bookingsystem for your business or home delivery needs”.

Kev Barton, OperationDirector, added “Our dedicated team delivers every parcel with care. We’re allabout reliable parcel delivery with a personal touch. You can trust us todeliver your parcels taking the same care that you would yourself. We’reequipped with the latest technology and you’ll discover that good quality canalso be good value. We offer a wide range of value for money servicesdelivering across the Isle of Wight, setting the standard for exceptionalquality of service. We deliver to every Island postcode. “

Go Delivery is a web-basedservice and part of a suite of services serving the Isle of Wight whichincludes Go Taxi, Go Shop and Go Eats. To find out more please visit: and click on the ‘Deliver to my door’ tab.

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