Griffon Hoverwork November, 03 2018

Griffon Hoverwork returns from a successful exhibition at Seawork Asia

Griffon Hoverwork’s Marketing & Sales Director NickMacLeod-Ash has just returned from a successful exhibition at Seawork Asia in Shanghai. Working with Griffon’s expert regional Chinese agents Greenboat, Nick exhibited the innovative hovercraft product range and new technology that make them world leaders in this field.

Seawork Asia took place from the 3-8th November with over 100 exhibitors and 5,500 attendees taking part. It is the largest marine and workboat exhibition in the Asian region.

Nick was invited on to the stage to present and discuss the growing need within the commercial sector to employ hovercraft in a range of situations. The effects of climate change on the environment will be tremendous and from the resulting sea level rise, ice melt and frequent extreme weather occurrences the amount of transitional areas unsuited to conventional vehicles will increase calling for specialised craft. It is this that formed the basis of discussion, with an aimto inform those previously unaware of just what is possible advanced 21stcentury hovercraft operations.  

With the aid of three new 995ED, 2450TD and 12000TD scale models in addition to talking about key craft uses, such as fulfilling crucial Search and Rescue capabilities, Griffons Seawork team was able to build key connections in not only the major worldwide market specifically with China who are thegrowing major worldwide market power for maritime safety.


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