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Hovertravel November, 09 2015

Hovertravel keeps customers informed on new craft

Hovertravel reports that construction of its two new craft is progressing well. The craft are now recognisable from their exteriors as hovercraft, although obviously updated and more streamlined.

'We are very happy with the progress of the build and we are on plan to have both these two craft in service next year.',' explains Neil Chapman, Managing Director of Hovertravel.

One of the most dominant features on new craft are the larger ducts; the circular covering which surrounds each propeller. At four metres tall, the ducts are made from Carbon Fibre and are 28% bigger than the existing ducts.

Moving towards the front of the new craft, the wheelhouse has been completely redesigned with larger, heated glass windows. Suspended from the main cabin aluminium frame, the wheelhouse is mounted centrally to provide excellent all around visibility for the pilot.

At the very front of the new craft, it is now possible to see the clam-shell covers for the two boarding entrances: one being a ramp and the other being a set of steps. These ingenious clamshells open for boarding and then close to form a weather- -proof seal during the journey, adding to the streamlined poise of the vessel.

Neil Chapman adds: 'As you would expect with such a project, once the craft are built, there needs to be a comprehensive series of trials. Working with Griffon, we plan to conduct these early in 2016 and we will be able to share some of what we will be doing during these trials as they progress.'

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