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Hovertravel January, 16 2019

Hovertravel pedals for Isle of Wight Admiral Nurses

Hovertravel committed to 15 hours of pedalling as their latest fund-raising initiative for Dementia UK Isle of Wight Admiral Nurses. 

Starting at 0615 in the morning and running continuously during Hovertravel’s hours of operation until 2115, pilots, engineers, crew members, cashiers, duty managers, alongside members of the finance, HR and commercial departments all cycled for charity. 

During the morning Mr Alf Holman, 95, of the Briars Care Home in Sandown jumped on the bike and showed everyone how it was done! Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, explains,” We want to be fully involved with our chosen charity for 2019 and all the team love to participate in this type of fund-raising activity. By holding a continuous cyclethon in our terminal we are spreading the message about Admiral Nurses to our customers and putting our commitment on show.” 

Hovertravel is raising these funds to support the provision of Admiral Nurses on the Isle of Wight and raise awareness of these specialist professionals who provide support, expert guidance and practical solutions.By placing the charity’s branding in key marketing locations such as terminal screens, craft screens and as advertising banners in customer emails, Hovertravel will promote this worthy cause to their passengers, who have always proved to be generous in their support for local charities.

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