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Hovertravel December, 07 2017

Hovertravel returns to Gosport with full excursion programme for 2018

Over 50 years ago hovercraft were a regular sight in Gosport and, today, Hovertravel returns with a comprehensive line-up of over 25 different excursions available from Lee-On-Solent.

“Hovertravel’s Ryde to Stokes Bay service ran for two years in the mid-1960s and we are so proud to be announcing a jam-packed programme of trips today, once again bringing a hovercraft experience to this area,” explains Neil Chapman, managing director of Hovertravel, “We are a both a transport business linking communities and a unique tourist attraction as the only commercial passenger hovercraft service in the world.”

Hovertravel has planned trips for the spring and summer holiday periods as well as the Hovershow Days at the Hovercraft Museum. There are opportunities for Gosport residents to visit the Isle of Wight and for Island residents to visit Gosport and beyond. For the Isle of Wight Pride festival in July, Hovertravel will offer access to a nationally recognised event from an additional departure point.

Neil adds: “Hovertravel is constantly looking for additional cross-Solent opportunities. We can implement excursions and charters extremely quickly and we are keen to explore new ways to bring our hovercraft experience to more people. By collaborating with local councils, we are opening up new avenues for reciprocal tourism and the associated benefits of increased visitor spend between Gosport and the Isle of Wight.”

Dates, times and prices for all excursions are available on the Hovertravel website.

For press enquiries please contact Stephen Forster on 01252 850540 or at and for further information please visit the Hovertravel website at

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