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Hovertravel September, 23 2019

Hovertravel takes underwear over the Solent for free

Hovertravel has carried six volunteers and 1,109 bras across the Solent for national charity, Breast Cancer Care. Sarah Tyrell-Jones is the Island’s community fundraiser for national charity Breast Cancer Care and she decided to take part in the bra recycling scheme run by sister charity Against Breast Cancer.

Sarah said: “I would like to thank Hovertravel, the many volunteers who got involved, and I am also so grateful to everyone who donated their underwear.”

Bras have been donated from across the Isle of Wight and, instead of ending up in the bin, are sent to developing countries, where local people recycle and distribute the underwear. The charity also receives £700 for every tonne of bras collected. The scheme was created because in countries such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya, it is too expensive to produce the bras locally.

Successful ventures like this keep many families in developing countries out of poverty whilst providing employment for people at home in the UK. Any bras that are genuinely beyond redemption are dismantled and disposed of properly.

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