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Hovertravel February, 22 2019

New Daisy Bus unveiled as Wessex Cancer Trust thanks supporters

To celebrate the arrival of their new vehicle and the success of the appeal, the charity hosted a thank-you event for all supporters, including Hovertravel, at the charity’s support centre in Lugley Street, Newport.

Grant funding has enabled Wessex Cancer Trust to buy a new Daisy Bus – which has funding secured into 2020 – thanks to incredible fundraising efforts of individuals, groups and businesses on the Island.Barry Ronaldi, from the Wessex Cancer Trust, said: “For us as a charity, we are so proud to be helping residents of the Island. It means patients now don’t have to worry if the bus will arrive. We must say a big thanks to everyone who has supported – especially the Isle of Wight Freemasons, Hovertravel and the Lions Club. We are very grateful for all of the support receive – it is vital.”

The Island’s Freemasons and the IW Prostate Cancer Support Group raised thousands towards the appeal, alongside Hovertravel, which has donated 10% of its ticket fares from patients travelling across the water.Neil Chapman, Managing Director of Hovertravel, said: “We are proud to be supporting such a vital link for Island cancer patients. We are always looking to make travelling across the Solent as easy as possible.”

Wessex Cancer Trust’s CEO, Cait Allen, said: “Being able to purchase a new minibus will help reduce our ongoing costs significantly while also providing a more comfortable experience for patients travelling to the mainland for treatment. We have much to celebrate and we’d love everyone that has supported the appeal to join us next Wednesday so we can say thank you in person.”

To maintain the future of the service for years to come, the charity is planning to host a dedicated Daisy Day annually.