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Hovertravel March, 17 2022

Red noses on hovercraft for Comic Relief

Hovertravel, the world’s onlyyear-round scheduled passenger hovercraft service, is wearing a red nose oneach of its two hovercraft to raise awareness and encourage donations for ComicRelief 2022.

Loretta Lale, Head ofCommercial at Hovertravel, explains: “Our hovercraft are some of the mostphotographed commercial vessels in the world and we wanted to use theirpopularity to raise the awareness of Comic Relief and hopefully encouragepeople to give what they can.

“Solent Flyer has the rednose called Dash proudly displayed on the front between the two bow doors andIsland Flyer is wearing the red nose called Chip is the same place”

Hovertravel will becollecting donations in their terminals and obviously anyone can give online at

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