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Hovertravel October, 29 2018

The Morris Barton Apprenticeship Business of the Year Award

The nominations have been announced for the 2018 Business Awards for Excellence, in association with Red Funnel and Hovertravel has been shortlisted for the Morris Barton Apprenticeship Business of the Year Award. The prestigious awards will be presented at a glittering ceremony, hosted by Anneka Rice, on Friday November 30th at Cowes Yacht Haven.

In 2017 Hovertravel undertook an initiative to further invest in its apprenticeship scheme to create a program of succession and development for future employees within the company. Hovertravel is delighted with the clear value offered by the program, not only from a reduction in recruitment costs, but the passion so many of these individuals have brought to our business as well as providing additional manpower to offer more services to our customers and improve their experience. The roles encompass several areas of the business such as customer service, marine safety, and finance, all of which help them develop the concept of ‘going the extra mile’ through their own style. The variety in their working day has allowed these individuals to understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

The apprenticeship programme is available to all, supporting the company's own ‘access for all’ program of service. The opportunity also includes a visit to the sister companies at Gatwick Airport and Griffon Hoverwork and provides a taster of different working environments.
Hovertravel believes its commitment in recruitment through the apprenticeship program sets a standard other employers can adopt ensuring the very best for the future work force, through a program of variety and development of skills in the workplace. 

To find out more about apprenticeship scheme visit our Careers section

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