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Travel Link March, 08 2019

Travel Link celebrates International Women's Day

In honour of International Women's Day, 13 of our female Travel Link colleagues will travel to Agounsane, a rural village not far from Marrakech, where they will meet with local Berber women who are supported by the Assafou Association. 

They will spend the day learning about how they live and their daily activities, from weaving to milking cows. The Assafou Association, created in 2011 and mainly funded by Travel Link, has developed initiatives designed to support and empower women in rural areas of Morocco. 

Women and girls from the villages in the region attend training courses and benefit from the “womens cooperative programme” which aims to teach them handwork skills such as embroidery and sewing. The women attend centres which have been equipped with machine and raw materials, where they can work daily. They sell carpets and other handicrafts they have made by themselves through the women's cooperative. 

The dynamics of the villages have changed as a result of this initiative. Women educate themselves, learn a trade, and become independent. Helping in such a way enables the women to redefine the economic and social dynamic of the village through education, economic development and the ability to sustain their future independently. 

The Assafou Association ensures the right to development and education for every child, youth and adults and actively fights against all forms of exclusion from education. It develops initiatives to improve the quality of education so that children and women have access to basic education. 

The Association also participates in the development of rural tourism at a regional level and supports local representatives, associations, communities and teachers so that they may themselves devise, develop and implement educational projects. 

You can find out more about the Assafou Association here or support the programme by donating directly here.