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Griffon Hoverwork April, 30 2015

Wind farm support vessel arrives for upgrade

Following a competitive process James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has selected Griffon Hoverwork Ltd (GHL) to complete a programme of upgrades to its' multi-purpose wind farm support vessel "Dart Fisher".

The vessel was acquired by JFMS in 2014 to increase its capability within the offshore marine industry as a provider of integrated marine solutions. The vessel was designed by Supacat Ltd to address the need for a UK based vessel that can service Round Three wind farms offering operational flexibility to deliver on clients' needs.

The Dart Fisher is a multi-role DNV Category 1 vessel enabling the fast transit (27knots fully laden) of 12 passengers and 30 tonnes of cargo (in 3 x 20' ISO containers) up to 150 nautical miles offshore. The vessel has been successfully deployed to provide a wide-range of support activities, including wind turbine oil exchange, UAV inspection of offshore structures, general crew transfer and support of operation and maintenance campaigns requiring offshore accommodation modules.

The upgrade programme being undertaken by GHL is in preparation for the Dart Fisher to undertake diving, ROV deployment and subsea surveys during 2015 and will include the installation of bow thrusters, upgrade of bow fender system and structural changes to the main deck to enable installation of a knuckle boom crane.

The HHBT40 bow thruster system is being supplied by Hercules Hydraulics, complete with bridge control stations, associate equipment and hydraulic pumps which will be driven by the main engine gearboxes.

The existing bow fender system is being replaced by a system from UK based Manuplas and will include the mounting of an intelligent fender system developed by the leading measurement and monitoring business of James Fisher and Sons plc, Strainstall.

The intelligent fender system is able to provide accurate readings of the load being exerted by the vessel during push-on to boat landings and is one key data feed provided to the Strainstall Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS) that also includes vessel motion sensing, positional tracking and task scheduling.

GHL took over Dart Fisher on 19 January 2015 with all work scheduled to be complete for the vessel to return to operational duties on 1st March 2015.

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