Griffon Hoverwork

Rigid-hulled inflatable boat

GriffonHoverwork Ltd has been the world leader in hovercraft and specialised amphibious technology since 1956 and the company has hovercraft in six continents and supports 200 craft in over 40 countries.

Griffon Hoverwork has its manufacturing facilityin Portchester with design offices in Southampton, both locations are ideally placed to draw on the centuries of maritime innovation in the UK. Their ability to achieve full marine regulatory compliance and lean techniques in the design and manufacture of high quality hovercraft for practical applications sets them apart from competitors.

In the commercial role, Griffon Hoverwork hovercraft are used for survey work, civil engineering support, logistics and cargo carrying, coastal, ice and airport crash rescue and mobile medical clinics. Their passenger ferry clients include the Bland Group International’s Hovertravel and the Oita Prefecture government in Japan, with former operating two 12000 TD craft across the Solent and the latter ordering three 12000 TD craft to link Oita Airport in Kunisaki with Oita City.

Griffon Hoverwork hovercraft are also in use by those responsible for national security and military operations. Missions include border patrol and surveillance, policing and customs duties, marine interdiction and infrastructure security, weapons platforms, amphibious troop carriers and logistics vehicles.

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