The Beehive

Beehive entrance at Gatwick
The Beehive, situated at Gatwick Airport, is an original terminal building dating back to 1935. The unusual white circular building was the headquarters of GB Airways before being re-launched in 2009 as a business centre by Orega and its joint venture management agreement partner and building owner, The Bland Group.
The historic building, which has won prestigious awards, was listed as a Grade II building in 1996 and underwent significant restoration to restore it to its former glory in 2000. The stunning business centre received a special commemorate plaque presented by the Royal Aeronautical Society. 

The historic building, now an Orega flagship business centre with striking art deco exterior and interior features, forms part of the City Place Gatwick office complex. The total internal renovations mean it meets the demands of business in the 21st century whilst retaining its unique and historical appearance. 

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